How to protect the nozzle of inkjet printer effectively?

As we all know, nozzle is the most important part of digital inkjet printer, and also the most expensive device. It is the most valuable place for inkjet printer. The picture must be finally from nozzle to complete, so the nozzle is not only directly related to the whole process of printing work can be completed successfully, but also directly affect the large picture quality, affect the company's image and reputation, even affect the cost and benefit of the company. However, the nozzle is the most delicate, more prone to plug, disconnection, ink flow, partial needle etc; so be sure to do the daily maintenance work to head, do not have the slightest neglect neglect, otherwise, not only prone to the fault, will quickly shorten the service life of the nozzle, increases the cost of equipment the influence of the company's benefit.

So, how can we effectively protect the nozzle?

First, the inkjet printer is installed in a clean, dusty environment. With the precision of nozzles becoming higher and higher, the hole is becoming smaller and smaller, so it is very important to use the environment. It requires less dust, moderate temperature (recommended room temperature is controlled at 20-30 C), and proper humidity is maintained.

Secondly, printing confidential correct installation, especially grounding must be reliable, can not be casually wire attached to the window frame and other places do things carelessly on the long-term accumulation of static electricity, because the nozzle will be damaged.

Third, should choose qualified ink, inferior ink prone to clogging nozzle, broken ink, color difference, outdoor weather resistance issues such as the poor, the larger question is to shorten the service life of the nozzle; do not use inferior cheap ink easily, so as to avoid tanxiaoshida.

Fourth, to do routine maintenance work. Before starting the machine, press the nozzle and press the status bar of the nozzle to make sure that the nozzle is in good condition and that the spray nozzle is working properly before the spraying operation can start. When the printing operation has been confirmed, the nozzle status bar is printed before the shutdown. To ensure that the nozzle is in normal condition, the non woven fabric and soaked cleaning liquid are placed on the moisture holder. The spray truck is then moved back into the cleaning tank, and the nozzle is tightly bonded to the moisture free nonwoven fabric. This condition is maintained and the equipment is kept overnight.

In short, sprinkler maintenance is on prevention, but also plug and breakage phenomenon did not occur in the head, will take the initiative to take effective measures to protect, don't wait for problems to find solutions! Only in this way can the nozzle be effectively maintained.

Post time: Apr-02-2021